Wundermed, Brio, Extrospect & Pedilance


The traditional Chinese medicine gained a foothold now also in our widths. Many humans trust already in this human being-oriented welfare art, and more intensively than ever before the science with it - not only the medical, but also the information technology is occupied in detail. Scientists could systems develop - which with sensors and extensive computer programs all conditions and changes in the body to seize be able. Within shortest time all bioenergetic data are seized and uncovered connections. Our treatment devices perfect the methods of the TCM and make them usable in still larger extent for us for humans.

I see myself as a way companion for persons, who want to actually work for their further life and a whose goal is it to arrive from their quality of life into a next more higher. The support with this process, the company this way will be esteeming above all respectful and. They receive a “holistic one” to life care - consultation.


Is a medical therapy system, which can deal still more deeply, many more exactly with the physical and psychological condition of a client. This very meaningful biophysical analysis deals with the completely individual health needs and presentnesses, therefore we can offer a differentiated guidance to each client for the improvement of its total state of health. Special impulse - transmission system induces reply pulses about the entire test and treatment process in the body. The angewandeten frequencies and/or Impulsraten can be adapted on the needs of the patient. Wundermed impulses are converted in this way static and blocked body areas, into dynamic adjusting areas.


Is an holistic, computer-aided Ganzkörperscreening, which helps, to recognize energetic imbalance and possible health risks. The system e.g. finds weaknesses, like a virus, nourishing deficits or allergies, by computing biological reactivity and resonance in the body. These information focuses the energetic body, which makes an holistic view on each facet for your health possible. It is more than an analyzing system. After measuring the body frequencies, it sends back again frequencies into the body, in order to adjust and neutralize destructive wave samples.


The Extrospect justifies itself on the same system as the Brio, only with the difference that it affects completely purposeful organs. Extrospect offers a recognizing of the disturbed equilibrium of:
* All organs up to the Chromosomensatz
* Movement apparatus
* Lymphsystem
* Blood vessels including heart wreath/ring containers
* Nervous system including back Marks and brain (e.g.: Hypophysis,…)
* Blood components
After the treatment of the imbalance the %uellen improvements are to be seen immediately. Also that test, the most meaningful means of the respective client, is possible.

Pedilance – elektronisches Fußbad

It cleans and neutralizes above all the bodies - matrix and receives the Zellmebranpotenzial. The foot bath among other things supporting assigned: Metabolic illnesses (e.g. Rheumatism); Chronic tiredness; Vegetative disturbances; Pain therapy (headache, Migräne); Illnesses of skin, liver, kidneys, etc.; Cellulite; Rule pain, allergies (asthma, hay cold, among other things); Diseases, for whose healing a Ausleitung is necessary.

The precise original-faithful switching of the traditional Chinese movement arts with all their important aspects is our large request. From this reason we are to be become fair each year in China on further training around this claim of quality. To be able to also always concern our seminars with two coaches accomplished around itself really with each participant. They contain the bases and traditional opinions of Chinese philosophy and medicine.

The efforts go by to arrange for the participants the qualitative work with their own body energy for an extended life perspective.

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