New Poetry Writing Workshop in Dublin


We are now offering 3 Summer Writing Workshops in Florence, Barcelona, and Dublin The workshops are taught by award winning authors, Patricia Foster and Kirpal Singh.

Fiction Writing Workshop in Florence: July 13 - 22, 2007
Memoir Writing Workshop in Barcelona: July 21 - 30, 2007
Poetry Writing Workshop in Dublin: July 29 - August 7, 2007

Our Writing Workshops in Fiction, Memoir, and Poetry share in common a focus on the importance of the writer's journey and how to keep it vital and growing. We delve into our deepest emotions and insights and explore transformation, metaphor, and the innate structures of our writings. We learn from each other's writing and ideas in a supportive environment.

We encourage risk-taking and experimentation. We examine how to listen to and distill our instinctive ideas, images and inspirations into language that is true to the core, into words that sing. All levels of writing experience are welcome. Workshops focus on writing exercises with some readings of master writers as a way to examine issues of craft. The atmosphere is non-competitive with a focus on freeing up your writing. We help make this possible through bringing down the walls of fear and anxiety that inhibit our imagination and tapping into the intelligent heart, the compass of our being. Our instructors are award winning writers who are also accomplished teachers in their disciplines.

Poetry in Dublin: Our newly added Writing Workshop
Instructor: K. Singh
The Poetry Writing Workshop will take place in the most lyrical of cities, Dublin, a vibrant center of renowned museums and universities, lush green parks, and traditional Irish music. Ireland is famous for its writers, such as W. B. Yeats, Seamus Heaney, James Joyce, and Samuel Beckett. Here, poetry is literally the stuff of daily life! The workshop will explore techniques by which our poetic imaginations can be more fully made alive to the intense emotions, thoughts and dreams that lie within and without. We will stretch our creative musings with various
exercises in imagery, sense perception, tone, and musicality. Each day there will be a theme which we will use to loosely focus our writing, such as nature, solitude, 'the moment', and Dublin, itself. At the end of the workshop we will each go away with a portfolio of at least 6 poems and a myriad of ways to bring forth your Muse!

Fiction Writing Workshop in Florence

Instructor: P. Foster
The Fiction Writing Workshop will take place within the walls of the old city, home of Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Botticelli. Florence is also the setting of Bruneleschi's Duomo which revolutionized architecture and the Uffizi Gallery which contains masterpieces of Renaissance art. In this class we will look at how to create characters whose desires compel us. We will do writing exercises that will stretch our literary muscles, helping us create characters who emerge from the particularity of our experience as well as characters who emerge solely from our imagination.

Memoir Writing Workshop in Barcelona

Instructor: P. Foster
The Memoir Writing Workshop will take place near Paseo de Gracia, a tree-lined street with some of the finest modernist architecture in this fascinating city, which inspired Gaudi, Picasso, Dali, and Miro. Barcelona also has a beautiful beach/restaurant area in which to walk, sunbathe, or swim. Seaside resorts are only a 30 minute train ride away. What we'll try to do in this workshop is find that deeper story, engage that secret self. Getting to that place of inner clarity will not be the same for everyone, but for everyone, exploration is the point. We will do exercises to jump-start our memories, to discover vivid detail in ordinary moments, and to create a narrative "I." Most importantly, we will do writing exercises designed to find the emblematic moments in our lives.

Class size is limited. Reserve your space in advance.
Classes meets 3.5 hours per day.
You can obtain 3 University credits for taking any of these workshops.


Fiction Writing Workshop in Florence: From $1,750 (including tuition and 9 night accommodations).
Memoir Writing Workshop in Barcelona: From $1,850 (including tuition and 9 night accommodations).
Poetry Writing Workshop in Dublin: From $2,200 (including tuition and 9 night accommodations).
$100 off Early Registration (offer good until 1/15/2007)

Patricia Foster (Fiction and Memoir) is the author of All the Lost Girls (memoir), Just Beneath My Skin (personal essays; starred review from Kirkus Reviews) and the editor of Minding the Body and Sister to Sister. She won the PEN/Jerard Fund Award, the Mary Roberts Rinehart Award, the Hoepfner Award, and the Dean's Scholar Award for nonfiction, received a Florida Arts Council Award, the Lake Effect Fiction Award, and a Yaddo Fellowship for fiction as well as four Alabama Arts & Humanities grants.
Her work has been reviewed in The New York Times Book Review, Atlanta Journal & Constitution, Vogue, Chronicle for Higher Education, Glamour, Ploughshares as well as other newspapers and journals.
Kirpal Singh (Poetry) is a poet whose work is featured in the forthcoming Norton Anthology of Asian Verse. Singh is the Editor of the forthcoming Penguin Book of Southeast Asian Verse and numerous other writing collections. He is the author of 4 books of poetry, his latest, Nestled Dreams: Poems of Love is due out in Spring 2007.

For more information:
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Please mail all inquiries to:
Vivian Glusman
245 E 40th St. 25th Floor
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